Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi hosts JKA National Karate Training Camp 2024: Fostering Talent and Cultural Exchange

CG Speech
On February 18th, the Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi successfully concluded the four-day JKA National Karate Training Camp 2024 at Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC). The closing ceremony featured inspiring speeches from Consul General of Japan, Mr. HATTORI Masaru, and Japanese Karate Master, Mr. SHIINA Katsutoshi, acknowledging the dedication of approximately 100 young karate players taking part during the four days from across Pakistan.
In his address, Consul General HATTORI expressed admiration for the passion and commitment demonstrated by the participants, emphasizing that their dedication to karate embodies the spirit of discipline and perseverance, essential qualities not just in sport but in their practical lives.
Mr. SHIINA, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to guide the young Karate players throughout the workshop, highlighting their enthusiasm as a beacon of hope for the future of karate in Pakistan.
The four-day karate camp included not only karate practitioners but also first-time participants to receive instruction from Shihan Shiina, so that this workshop ensured access for all enthusiasts, regardless of location or circumstance. The coaching from Shihan encouraged the practitioners to further improve their own level of training, and provided a great opportunity for beginners to experience the culture and skills of Japanese karate.
The event exemplified the shared commitment to nurturing karate talent in Pakistan and strengthening cultural ties between Japan and Pakistan.
Shiina sensei