Message from Consul General

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My name is HATTORI Masaru, and I am pleased to announce my appointment as Consul-General of Japan in Karachi. This is my second assignment in Pakistan since the last time I worked at the Embassy of Japan in Islamabad in 2001 for three years. Karachi is the largest commercial city in Pakistan and a very culturally rich land. I am very honored to serve here as Consul General of Japan.
Karachi, as the economic hub of Pakistan with cosmopolitan atmosphere, has over 20 million people, which is a much bigger population than that of Tokyo, and has high potential in terms of economic development. Many Japanese companies are operating in the areas covered by our Consulate, and all of them are currently based here in Karachi. We are committed to strengthening the cooperation with related organizations and work to provide support to Japanese businesses in order to facilitate their activities and promote investment and trade between the two countries.
Approximately 290 Japanese nationals residing in Sindh and Balochistan covered by our Consulate have submitted their residence reports to our office. We will continue to provide a variety of administrative services and strive to provide the latest security information to all the Japanese residents and short-term visitors, so that they can work and live safely with a peaceful state of mind.
In Karachi, there are many Japanese culture-related organizations like Japanese language school, Karate association, Jujitsu association, Ikebana groups, Bonsai society as well as fan clubs of Japanese pop culture. As we would like to continue our relationships with these Japan-loving groups and are going to make efforts to disseminate culture and information of Japan, your support and cooperation would be highly valuable.
December 2023