Staff Recruitment


Job Opportunity

1 Occupation
Security Assistant
2 Work Location
Consulate General of Japan in Karachi and related facilities
3 Job Overview
(1) Security for staff of the Consulate General of Japan and related facilities.
(Supervision of security guards, control and operation of security equipment, inspection of vehicles (persons) entering the building, etc.)
(2) Operation of security vehicles and vehicle protection
(3) Direct guarding at large-scale events, etc.
4 Guidelines of Qualification
(1) Work history: More than three years professional experience in a related fields would be preferred. (Ex-Army, Navy, Police, Ranger would be preferred)
(2) Education: University degree preferred.
At least a high school graduate. (14 or 16 Years Education)
(3) Languages: Must be able to speak and write in English and Urdu.
 Japanese speaker is preferred.
(4) License and Skills: Must possess a valid driver’s license.
                     (Frequent driving opportunities)
                     PC-based e-mail and report writing skills are a must. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook is desirable
(5) No criminal or drug use history.
(6) Martial arts experience is welcome.
5 Salary
  Determined by experience, skills, previous job, etc.
  Salary increase: Yes   Bonus: Yes
6 Working hours
   12-hour shifts system (Day and Night)
Trial period: 3 months
Working conditions are the same as those of the main employment.
7 Vacations
  Average 1 day off per a week (Depending on the duty roster)
  Annual leave: 20 days per a year
8 Benefits, Welfare and Insurance
Uniforms will be lent.
Medical Insurance/ pension
9 Smoking restrictions
Smoking is prohibited in the premises
Deadline for the application: 13th August, 2023
Candidates meeting the above criteria must apply with the submission of the following documents.
Documents must be brought in person during the Consulate General’s business hours on weekdays or sent by courier by above deadline.
  1. Application form with a face-size photo (Download)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Copy of Valid CNIC (both sides)
  4. Copy of Valid driver’s license
  5. Work experiences (Experience letter duly signed & stamped by employer)
  6. Educational qualifications (Transcripts, degree & Certificates)
  7. Copy of various certificate (Weapon, Language, IT skill, Martial arts etc.)
  8. Family registration certificate / Nadra B-Form
  • Flow of Recruitment
[1] Document screening
   Screening will be conducted based on the contents of your application profile.
[2] First round interview and examinations (Language and physical fitness test*.)
   First round interviews will be held after August 15th for those who pass the document screening.
The date and time of the interview will be notified by phone to successful applicants in advance.
*Physical fitness test:
Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, repetitive side jumps, burpees
[3] Second round interview
   Second round interviews will be held after August 22nd for those who pass the first round interview.
The date and time of the interview will be notified by phone to successful applicants in advance.
[4] Offer of employment
   Successful applicants will be notified of the offer.
* Rejected applicants will also be notified.
The start date for work is scheduled for October 1st (subject to change depending on the progress of the procedure)
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