Karate workshop organized by Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi

Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi in cooperation with the Japan Karate Association (JKA), hosted a two-day “JKA National Karate Training Seminar 2023” on March 4 & 5, at the Japan Information and Culture Centre (JICC). 

Karate is one of an internationally recognized martial arts originating in Japan and has become popular in Pakistan too with an estimated 40,000 Karate players in the country.
Mr. SHIINA Katsutoshi Sensei, a leading Karate master from Japan and JKA HQ Japan’s Technical Director, flew in from Japan especially to conduct the workshop. Mr. SHIINA is 7th Dan [The levels are divided into “Kyu” and “Dan”, and the levels start from Kyu (10 to 1) to Dan (1 to 10)]. Mr. SHIINA was accompanied by Mr. KANDA Osamu Sensei and Ms. TANAKA Junko Sensei. Ms. TANAKA is the first Japanese female instructor to travel to Pakistan for Karate training workshop.
This workshop offered opportunities not only for the practitioners to enhance their Karate skills but also for people of Pakistan to study the philosophy and spirits of Japanese traditional martial arts. During the two-day workshop, around 60 Pakistani Karate practitioners participated in the training sessions and tested for Kyu or Dan promotions.
At the closing ceremony, Consul General of Japan in Karachi, Mr. ODAGIRI Toshio paid his gratitude to Japanese trainers and JKA and stressed that such sporting exchange will help build bridges between different cultures and strengthen the bonds of mutual understanding between Japan and Pakistan. Mr. SHIINA Sensei expressed his gladness to witness the passion of young Karate players and stressed on the importance of constant practice and hard work.