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                                                       General Information of Japanese Visas

  General Requirement for Visa Applications
 General required documents which all the Applicants are requested to submit are as follows:

 1. One visa application form completed and signed by an applicant
 2. One photo sized 4.5 x 4.5 cms taken within the last three months with white background

 3. Valid Passport with sufficient space for a visa sticker (more than two blank pages)
 4. All old Passport, even if they are expired or cancelled

 5. Original National Identity Cards (both manual & computerized)

  Additional Requirements for Visa Applications
 Additional documents which applicants are requested to submit in accordance with purposes of visit are as follows:

 For Business
 [From Pakistani side]

1. Company’s letter explaining an outline of the business and the reason for the applicant’s visit to Japan in detail.
 2. National Tax Number Certificate and latest tax payment receipts
 3. Latest bank statement which shows last one year transactions
 4. Proof of business (e.g. Bill of Landing, Bill of Entry, shipping list and invoice/receipt, etc.)
 5. Official documents to prove partnership/directorship/proprietorship of your firm
     (e.g. Registration of Firm, Certificate of Incorporation, etc.)

 6. Original recommendation letter issued by the concerned chamber of commerce along with the membership certificate.
 7. Import/Export License, if the applicants have them
 8. Proof of accommodation (e.g. hotel reservation, etc.)
 9. Flight details of entire trip (flight itinerary ) issued by travel  agents or air tickets

  [From Japanese side]

 1. Letter of invitation explaining the purpose, length of stay of the business visit to Japan in detail
 2. Letter of guarantee

 3. Certificate of company registration (Tokibo-Tohon  or Company pamphlet (only listed company))
 4. Certificate of corporation tax payment (Kazei shomeisho) or a profit & loss statement
 5. Detailed day-to-day schedule of the business visit to Japan

  For Sightseeing/Visiting Friend(s) or Relative(s)
[From Pakistani side]

  1. Letter explaining detailed reasons for the trip

  2. Proof of sufficient funds for the stay in Japan (e.g. recent bank statement which shows last six months transactions, etc.)
  3. Proof of occupation/profession issued by the organization to which the applicant belongs (e.g. certificate of employment
      noting designation, length of service, salary and dates of vacation, school certificate and school I.D. card. In case of
       Government employees, N.O.C. or Ex-Pakistan leave certificate from the concerned authority is also required.)

  4. Proof of relationship (e.g. Nikkah Nama, B-form, Domicile Certificate and copy of computerized registration form, etc.)
  5. Proof of friendship (e.g. photographs, letters and e-mails, etc.)
  6. Detailed day-to-day schedule of the applicant’s trip to Japan
  7. Proof of accommodation (e.g. hotel reservation, etc.)
  8. Flight details of entire trip (flight itinerary ) issued by travel agent or air tickets
  9. Any other proof in case the applicant has special circumstances regarding the trip to Japan

   [From Japanese side]
  1. Letter(s) of invitation from the applicant’s friend(s) /relative(s) regarding the trip to Japan.explaining the purpose,
      length of stay of the trip in detail

  2. Letter(s) of guarantee from the applicant’s friend(s) /relative(s)
  3. Certificate(s) of employment issued for the applicant’s friend(s)/relative(s)
  4. Bank statement which shows last six months transactions, bank certificate or certificate of income tax payment
      from your friend(s)/relative(s), if the cost of the trip will be borne by the applicant’s friend(s)/relative(s)

  5. Certificate on registered matters of Alien registration or Certificate of Residence (with description of relationship among
       all family members) if the applicant’s friend(s)/relative(s)is not Japanese

  6. Copy of the applicant’s friend’s/relative’s Passports including Japanese visa pages, if your friend(s)/relative(s) is not

  7. Family Registration (“Koseki-Tohon”), if the applicant’s friend(s)/relative(s) is married with Japanese
  8. Detailed day-to-day schedule of the stay in Japan
      (Note) If there are no friends/relatives in Japan, the above mentioned requirements from Japan will be waived

    For Transit  
   [From Pakistani side]
Letter explaining detailed reasons for the trip

  2. Air tickets and stopover hotel coupons
  3. Proof of sufficient funds for stay in Japan (e.g. recent bank statement, etc.)
  4.  Visa to enter  the applicant’s destination

    For Work or Long Term Stay
If the applicant’s purposes of going to Japan are for “work” or “long-term stay”
   (i.e. dependent, student and cultural activities, etc.), firstly the applicants must arrange to have a Certificate of Eligibility.
    This is to be obtained by the inviting Japanese party through the local Immigration Office in Japan on behalf of the
    applicants. Secondly, the applicants need to submit the original Certificate of Eligibility.

                                                                 General Information regarding Visa Applications

 ► Applications are accepted on from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except public holidays.
 ► All visa application forms should either be printed or typed with no column left blank.
 ► Additional documentation may be required if necessary.
 ► All documents must be submitted in original (No documents sent by fax, e-mails or 
     photocopy of documents will be accepted). In principle, submitted documents will not be
     returned. Important documents such as Nikka Nama, which are difficult to obtain again, must 
     be submitted together with their clear copies in addition to the original.
 ► Regarding Nikka Nama, birth Certificate, B-form and copy of computerized registration form,
     Applications are advised to submit with English translation duly attested by the concerned organizations.
 ► Residents residing out of Sindh and Balochistan are advised to apply for visa at the Embassy of Japan, Islamabad.
 ► Time to process visa applications depends on the applicant’s clarified status or circumstance.Generally, it takes a
     minimum of six working days to process visa applications, even though the documentation is in order.
     In certain cases, some documents have to be referred for verifications, or applications may need to be referred to
     the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan, in which case the process may take a month or more for the assessment to be
      fully completed.
 ► Submission of requirements does not guarantee issuance of visa.
 ► Results of the assessment will be informed to only the applicant. In principle, telephone inquiries from Japan will not
     be accepted.
 ► In case visa is not granted, the reasons will not be disclosed because of our internal rules.
 ► Possession of a visa does not entitle the bearer to enter Japan. The visa bearer may not be permitted to enter upon arrival
     at port of entry if he or she is found inadmissible.




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