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  Message from Mr. Akira Ouchi, Consul General of Japan in Karachi
CG  A Happy New Year!

 I would like to make a report on the activities carried out by the Consulate-General of Japan from December
 last year till January this year as written below.

 On December 4, I signed the grant contract for "The Project for the Deployment of Aman Advanced Life
 Support Ambulances in Bin Qasim Town, Karachi, Sindh" 
under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots
 Human Security Project (GGP) scheme with Executive Director of Aman Health Care Services (AHCS) at
 Japan Information and Culture Center. Two ambulances fully equipped with basic and advanced

 life-support equipment will be purchased under the grant in order to achieve the objective of providing efficient access to
 emergency services and save the lives of the people. 13 million Rupees are granted by the Government of Japan and 1.2 million
 Rupees are contributed by the Indus Motor Company Limited. This project is the first case of public-private partnership project
 implemented by the Consulate-General of Japan. The Japanese GGP contribute to the betterment of basic human needs of the
 people at the grass roots level. The Consulate-General of Japan has been implementing GGP since 2009 and this project is the
 10th project.

 The Consulate-General of Japan held a reception to celebrate the Emperor Akihito’s 80th Birthday at a local hotel on the 12th
 of December last year.  About 450 guests, including the Sindh Senior Minister for Education as Chief Guest and the Consul-Generals
 of other countries in Karachi, have attended. On that day, motorcycles of Honda and Suzuki, generators of Honda, batteries of Atlas
 Battery Ltd. and panels of Indus Motors Ltd. and Hinopak Motors Ltd. were displayed and the booths of JETRO and Japan Information
 and Culture Center (JICC) of the Consulate-General of Japan were set up, thereby the Japanese products produced and sold by the
 Japanese companies in Karachi were promoted and the Japanese culture was introduced to the attendees. At the booth of the JICC,
 the DVDs on the Emperor and Empress’s visit to foreign countries and on Japanese culture were shown and Japanese posters and
 traditional toys and robots were displayed. Japanese cuisine such as Sushi and Tempura was also served.

 The Japanese Calendar Exhibition was held at Japan Information and Culture Center from January 20 to 25. The inauguration of the  
 exhibition was held on January 20, with the attendance of the Sindh Minister for Culture as Chief Guest. This Japanese Calendar
 Exhibition has been held every year in order to introduce to the Pakistani people the Japanese traditional and modern culture as well
 as Japanese advanced printing technology.  Over 100 people, including the Sindh Minister for Culture as Chief Guest, came to see
 the exhibition. This exhibition will also be held in Quetta in February.

January 2014 

 Akira Ouchi

 Consul-General of Japan in Karachi



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