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  Message from Mr. Akira Ouchi, Consul General of Japan in Karachi
CG  Ramadan has just started on July 11 in Pakistan.
 I would like to make a report on the activities done by the Consulate-General of
 Japan from June to July this year as written below.
        On June 19, Japan Information and Culture Center of the Consulate-General
 of Japan and Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation co-organized a Ju-Jitsu Training Camp and
 “The Ju-jitsu demonstration” at Japan Information and Culture Center.  Ju-Jitsu is
 one of the traditional Japanese martial arts. In this event, 15 young people received
 qualified training and afterwards they demonstrated their brilliant Ju-Jitsu
 techniques. I made a closing remarks stating that it is good to see many Pakistani
 people are interested in Japanese martial arts and this event would further strengthen the relationship
 between Japan and Pakistan.
         In the morning on June 29, the 99th Midshipmen Commissioning and 8th SSC Class Passing Out
 Parade was held at the Pakistan Naval Academy. I also attended and watched the parade and observed
 the event with great interest.
         In the evening on June 29, Tanabata Summer Festival was held at the Japanese School in Karachi.
 Tanabata is a traditional Japanese festival held in Japan on July 7 when people write their wishes on
 narrow strips of paper and decorate them with bamboo grass. On that day, the students of the Japanese
 School demonstrated performances of Wadaiko (Japanese drum), unicycle, rope-jumping, ensemble,
 etc and the participants of both students and adults wrote wishes on strips of paper and hung on
 bamboo grass and danced Japanese Bon-dance, etc.

       On July 3, I delivered a lecture on “Bilateral Relations between Japan and Pakistan” at the National
 Institute of Management, Karachi. About 45 senior civil servants of Pakistan attended and listened
 to the lecture. At the Q & A session after the lecture, the questions concerning Japan-Pakistan economic  relations, prospects for investment from Japan to Pakistan and export from Pakistan to Japan, Japanese  economic cooperation, Japanese energy policy, etc. were asked.
  July 2013 
  Akira Ouchi

 Consul-General of Japan in Karachi



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