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  Message from Mr. Akira Ouchi, Consul General of Japan in Karachi
   I would like to make a report on the activities carried out by the Consulate-General of Japan from October till the middle of
  December this yearas written below.
   On October 1, I delivered a lecture on “Bilateral Relations between Japan and Pakistan” to the students and faculty members
 of Indus University. Around 150 students attended the lecture and keenly listened to the lecture.
   On November 10, the 7th Japan-Pakistan Joint Business Dialogue and the 5th Japan-Pakistan Government Business Joint  
Dialogue were held in Islamabad. The Japanese delegation of about 65 persons including H.E. Mr. Tsuneo Kitamura, Parliamentary
 Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Mr. Teruo Asada, Chairman, Japan Pakistan Business Cooperation Committee

 and accompanying Japanese Business Delegation and the Pakistani delegation of about 40 persons, including H.E. Mr. Mohammad Zubair, Minister of
 State for Privatisation / Chairman, Privatisation Commission, Mr. Sohail P. Ahmed, President of Pakistan Japan Business Forum and accompanying Pakistani
 Business Delegation attended. Mr. Inomata, the Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan and I also attended the meetings. The both sides finalized the outcome
 document. It is important to follow up the meetings.

     On December 1, the Consulate-General of Japan held a reception to celebrate 82nd Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor Akihito at a local hotel.
 About 740 guests, including the Sindh Senior Minister for Education and Literacy as Chief Guest as well as the parliamentarians of Sindh and Balochistan
 and the Consul-Generals of other countries in Karachi, attended the reception. On that day, “Japan Exhibition” was also organized by the Consulate-General
 of Japan in collaboration with JETRO. 19 Japanese-related companies in Karachi have displayed their products such as automobiles, motorcycles, a bus and
 a truck, etc. The booths of JETRO and Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) of the Consulate-General of Japan were also set up, thereby the Japanese
 products produced and sold by the Japanese companies were promoted and the Japanese culture was introduced to the attendees. At the booth of the JICC,
 the DVDs on the Emperor and Empress and on Japanese culture were shown and Japanese traditional dolls and toys were displayed. Japanese cuisine such
 as Sushi and Tempura was also served.

    On December 9, I delivered a lecture on “Bilateral Relations between Japan and Pakistan” to the students and faculty members of the Institute of Business
 Administration (IBA). Around 100 students attended the lecture and keenly listened to the lecture.
    On December 10, I made an official visit to Khairpur and Sukkur. This was my second visit to these places. On November 10, I met Prof. Dr. Parveen
 Shah, Vice-Chancellor of Shah Abdul Latif University in Khairpur and attended the Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the Humanitarian Response Facility
 in Sukkur, Sindh. This project is to construct facilities in 8 locations all over Pakistan, including the one in Sukkur and Japan is the top donor of contributing
 8.2 million US dollars for this project.

    On December 15, I signed a grant contract for “the Project for the Provision of Medical Equipment for Mother and Child Health Care to Sukkur
 Hospital in Sukkur” under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP) scheme with the President of Sukkur Blood and Drug
 Donating Society at Japan Information and Culture Center. This project is to provide medical equipment for the new Maternal and Child Health Ward
 (Grant: About 90 thousand US dollars) to contribute to the improvement of mother and child health care services in Northern Sindh. The GGP Scheme
 has been implemented to benefit the local people in responding to their basic human needs in a small scale but in a prompt manner.
December, 2015 

 Akira Ouchi

 Consul-General of Japan in Karachi



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