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  Message from Mr. Akira Ouchi, Consul General of Japan in Karachi
   I would like to make a report on the activities carried out by the Consulate-General of Japan from late March till May this year
 as written below.
  On March 29, the 30th Japanese Language Speech Contest was jointly organized by the Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi
 and Pakistan Japan Cultural Association (PJCA), Sindh at the Japan Information and Culture Center. 9 Pakistani students
 participated in the Speech Contest and presented their good knowledge of Japanese language they acquired so far to the audience.
    On April 7, I attended the Handover Ceremony for “the Project for Provision of Medical Equipment for Blood-related Diseases

  to Fatimid Foundation” at Fatimid Foundation. The equipment provided under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security

 Projects (GGP) scheme will allow the diagnosis and treatment services for the patients of blood-related diseases not only in Karachi but also in rural Sindh
 (Grant: about 84 thousand US dollars). This project is expected to contribute to the betterment of treatment of the people suffering from blood-related diseases.
    On April 15, I attended the Inauguration Ceremony of the Humanitarian Response Facility in Hyderabad, Sindh. Syed Qaim Ali Sha, Chief Minister of
 Sindh attended the ceremony as the Chief Guest. This project is the project that WFP with the contributions from some donors including Japan construct
 facilities in response to natural disasters in 8 locations all over Pakistan, including the one in Hyderabad and Japan is the top donor of contributing 8.2 million
 US dollars for this project.

     On the same day, my wife performed furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) demonstration at Japan Information and Culture Center. Around 60
 participants from four ikebana (Japanese art of Flower arrangement) groups joined in this event and learned this exquisite and artistic Japanese culture.

     On April 16, I delivered a lecture on “Bilateral Relations between Japan and Pakistan” to the students and faculty members of NED University of
 Engineering and Technology. Around 150 students attended the lecture and keenly listened to the lecture.

     On April 23, I attended the signing ceremony as a witness for the Memorandum of Understanding between PJCA, Sindh and Hussain International Services
 concerning the PJCA’s Japanese Language Course. This has enabled the Japanese Language Course to resume in May this year after a break.

    On April 25, the annual general meeting of Pakistan Japan Business Forum (PJBF) was held. Ambassador Inomata and I attended the meeting. The AGM
  reviewed the activities done for the past one year and decided on the budget for the next fiscal year.

   On April 27, the factory inauguration of Yamaha Motor Pakistan was held at Bin Qasim Industrial Park and Ambassador Inomata and I attended the
 ceremony. Mr. Dar, Federal Minister for Finance attended as the Chief Guest.
   On May 9, the formal launching ceremony of the MEXT Alumni Association of Pakistan (MAAP), Sindh Chapter was held at my official residence. Board
 members, including President, Vice-President and Secretary General were sworn in.  MAAP, Sindh Chapter will start networking the members and organizing
 events. Twenty-six persons have become the member of MAAP, Sindh Chapter at this initial stage and the membership is expected to increase in the future.
   On May 12, I attended the Inauguration Ceremony for “The Project for Constructing Starfish Vocational Training Centre at SITE Town in Karachi” held at
 Starfish Vocational Training Centre in Karachi. The Centre was constructed under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP)
 scheme to provide training courses in five areas and it is expected that over 200 young people will receive vocational training annually to find proper jobs
 with their acquired skills and contribute to the society (Grant: about 100 thousand US dollars).
   From May 13 to 14, I made an official visit to Hyderabad and Jamshoro District with my wife. On May 13, I delivered a lecture on “Bilateral Relations
 between Japan and Pakistan” to the members of the Rotary Club of Hyderabad. Around 100 members of the Rotary Club attended the lecture. The audience
 keenly listened to the lecture.

   On the same day, my wife held a demonstration of furoshiki (traditional Japanese wapping cloth) at Meheran University of Engineering and Technology.
 Around 120 students the faculty members joined this cultural program. They learned exquisite and artistic Japanese culture of furoshiki.

   On May 20, I conferred Certificates of Commendations on four notable persons who have contributed to the deepening of mutual understanding
 and friendship between Japan and Pakistan. Mr. Abdul Karim Khan is the pioneer of horticultural activities in Pakistan. He introduced and designed
 some of the earliest Japanese gardens in the country. Mr. Yusuf Hussain Shirazi founded the Atlas group. He has constituted joint ventures with Honda
 Motor Company and other Japanese companies for over the last 50 years and has promoted bilateral economic and business relations. Mr. Sohail Pervez
 Ahmed, being the Chairman of Pakistan Japan Business Forum since July 2012, has taken many initiatives to strengthen economic and business ties between
 the two countries.Prof. Rais Alvi taught Urdu language and literature at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies from 1985 to 89. He translated classical Japanese
 poetry into Urdu and edited Japanese-Urdu dictionary and has been making valuable contributions for cultural and literary exchanges between Japan and Pakistan.

May, 2015 

 Akira Ouchi

 Consul-General of Japan in Karachi



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