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                                                                                                                          Press Release
                                                                    Japan Fest 2016

On September 8, 2016, the Japan Fest 2016 and welcome reception for newly joined Consul General Mr. Toshikazu Isomura were held at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi,
with the attendance of leading political, business, cultural and diplomatic figures. The program was co-organized by the Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi, Pakistan
Japan Business Forum (PJBF), and Pakistan Japan Cultural Association- Sindh (PJCA).

In the event of the Japan Fest 2016, the Arrival Reception of newly joined Consul General, Mr. Toshikazu Isomura took place. In his speech, he briefly touched upon
various aspects of Japan-Pakistan friendship and resolved to further strengthen the existing cultural, economic and business ties between the two countries.

The highpoint of the evening was enthralling Koto and Shamisen performance by Japanese artist Ms. Kaneko Sumei, who has especially flown from USA to perform in
Karachi. She was joined by eminent Pakistani musicians from National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA). The audience was captivated by the fascinating diversity
of Japanese traditional music and memorable fusion of Japanese and Pakistani compositions.

The Koto is a traditional Japanese instrument with thirteen strings that are strung tautly across 13 movable bridges along the length of the instrument. It reached Japan in
8th century and was initially played only in the Emperor Court or aristocrat palaces.

The Shamisen is a three-stringed instrument, introduced in the 16th century from China through the Ryukyu Kingdom (Now Okinawa) to Osaka. It is widely played in folk
and art music as an accompaniment to lyric and narrative song and in the orchestras of Bunraku (puppet) and Kabuki dramas.

Ms. Sumei Kaneko is an accomplished Koto and Shamisen player, Jazz singer and songwriter who had studied at prestigious Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
and Music; and Barkley College of Music, and performed at Washington DC Jazz Festival; Carnegie Hall; Lincoln Centre; and Blue Note New York among others.
She is widely acknowledged for her unique chromatic use of instruments and has collaborated with many renowned instrumentalists and international artists.

On this occasion, various cultural exhibitions were also presented including ikebana (Japanese art of floral arrangement), origami (Japanese art of folding paper into
decorative shapes and figures), and bonsai (the art of growing ornamental, artificially dwarfed varieties of trees) displays, pop culture show and band session. The
Japan Fest 2016 was started with Japanese pop songs played by local Japanese cultural groups, “Shonen Infinity” and “Metal Senien”, which was followed by
Cosplay contest. At the occasion, various activity booths were also set-up, showcasing cosplay and Yukata (a light cotton kimono) experiences, artworks and origami
learning. The ambience was exquisitely decorated with Japanese floral artefacts of ikebana and bonsai displays, which were deeply appreciated by the audience.

Concluding the day-event, Consul General of Japan in Karachi, Mr. Toshikazu Isomura presented the awarding ceremony for the winners of cosplay contest.


For further information, please contact the Japan Information and Culture Center at the Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi: 35220800 (Ext. 134).
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