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Japanese Calendar Exhibition 2013

            The inauguration ceremony of “Japanese Calendar Exhibition 2013”
          was held at the Japan Information and Culture Center of the
          Consulate General of Japan at Karachi on 21st January, 2013, in
            collaboration with Pakistan Japan Cultural Association, Sindh (PJCA)
            and Pakistan Japan Business Forum (PJBF). Ms. Beo Rana Zafar,
           Pakistani celebrity, was a chief guest at the event.
            In his inaugural address, Mr. Akira Ouchi, Consul-General of Japan
           at Karachi, stated that Japanese calendars were good messengers
            to introduce the huge variety of the aspect of Japanese culture, and
            that visitors could also enjoy sophisticated printing technology of
            Japan crystallized in the calendars.
            At the exhibition, about 100 Japanese calendars are displayed and
            they are categorized as art, landscape, ikebana, kimono, architecture,
            beauty of four seasons and so on. They portray Japan’s richness of
            traditional arts, advanced technology and natural beauty. The
            exhibition will be open from 21st to 25th January at the Japan
            Information and Culture Center.  Speech by Consul-General




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