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A Book-Launching Ceremony on Japan was held at JICC

            On February 1, 2013, book launching ceremony was held at the Japan Information and
            Culture Center of the Consulate General of Japan at Karachi. Two books were launched
            on Japanese literature and history in Urdu, entitled ‘Journey of Tradition of Japan’
            written by Mr. Abdullah Miyazawa, Ms. Fatima Miyazawa and Mr. Iqbal Barma and
           ‘Green Fragnance of Red Flowers’ compiled and edited by Mr. Khurram Sohail, in
           commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations
            between Japan and Pakistan.
           ‘Journey of Tradition of Japan’ is a voyage from the ancient Japan to the modern Japan.
            Readers can acquire basic knowledge about Japan through this book. Whereas ‘Green
            Fragnance of Red Flowers’ is a compilation of literary works of Japanese and Pakistani
            authors. The book presents unique Japanese literature, poetic vision and awareness to
            its readers. The book also explores how Urdu got popular in Japan.
            Mr. Akira Ouchi, Consul-General of Japan at Karachi, inaugurated this event. While
            addressing the gathering in his inaugural speech, he said that “Japan and Pakistan
            marked 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations last year and we
            carried out a series of celebrations and cultural events to commemorate this
            anniversary. Both books help Pakistani people understand the richness of Japanese
            historical and cultural background. I am certain that these two books will contribute to
            the introduction of the Japanese culture and history well to the Pakistani people, thereby
            to promote the cultural exchange, mutual understanding and friendship between the two
            countries. I sincerely hope that these two books will be read by many Pakistani people.”
            Other noteable speakers at the event were Dr. Moin uddin Adeel, Prof. Mohammad
            Salaam Mughal and Dr. Rauf Parekh. Closing remarks were presented by Mr.
            Masamichi Abe, Senior Consul (DCM), Consulate General of Japan, at Karachi.
             Speech by Consul-General




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